Australia Subclass 476 (Skilled Recognized Graduate) Visa

The 476 Visa Australia (Skilled Recognized Graduate) is a popular option for engineering graduates who are seeking employment in a country with a great culture, high pay, and a high standard of living. It offers an exciting opportunity to gain valuable work experience while enjoying all that Australia has to offer.

Recent engineering graduates from accredited colleges are eligible to apply for the Skilled Recognized Graduate (476) visa, which is a short-term visa that issues 18 months of skilled work experience in Australia. The visa provides employment in Australia and qualifies the holder for either a temporary skilled visa or a permanent residency.

Australian 476 Visa Requirements

A person is eligible to apply for this visa if,

  • You hold an engineering degree from a recognized educational institution (bachelors, masters, doctoral, post-graduate). The degree must be in an engineering field, such as structural, chemical, environmental, or civil engineering.
  • You are 31 years old or below.
  • You have never held a 476 or 485 Visa Australia as the primary holder.
  • You and your family (if relevant) are in satisfactory physical condition.
  • You and any family members, who are older than 16, who are members of your household meet the character standards.
  • Your score is equal to above the required level for IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE. This is not required for immigrants from the United Kingdom, the United States of America, New Zealand, Canada, or Ireland who have a current passport.
  • You certify that you will uphold Australian laws and the Australian way of life by signing the Australian Value Statement.
  • You or any family members owe the Australian Government money; you or they must have already paid it back or made arrangements for it to be paid back.

The process to apply for 476 Visa Australia

Step1: Prior to Applying

For this visa application, a current passport is required but if you want a new passport be sure to apply and receive it prior to applying for this visa. Additionally, you will need to plan your medical exams by setting up an online account on the official website. The 476 Visa Australia application process is rather complicated. Make sure they are a registered immigration consultant, a lawyer, or an exempt person if you hire someone to assist you with immigration.

Step 2: Gather Your Documents

Checklist for 476 Visa Australia documents is provided below. 1. A copy of your passport and other forms of identification.

2. A letter of completion that includes the dates on which your courses were completed as well as a copy of your transcripts.

3. Give evidence of your language skills.

4. Give evidence of your character.

5. If applying jointly, provide your partner's identification, marriage licence, and evidence of your relationship.

6. Birth certificate, parental authorization form 1229, and statutory statement if applying with a dependent.

Step 3: Apply For the Visa

When you apply for the 476 Visa, you might be inside or outside of Australia. By registering for an account on the official website, you can submit an online application for this visa. Obtain the necessary paperwork and pay the application fee. Unless you pay the required fees, the Australian government will not process your application. Each applicant must have their processing fee paid and supporting documentation attached to their application if they are submitting jointly with a family member.

Step 4: After you are done applying

Your application and supporting documentation will be acknowledged in writing by the Australian government. They might need more details from you; if so, your online account will let you know. Make no travel plans until you have heard that your 476 Visa application has been approved. Biometric data may also be requested from you.

Step 5: Visa Decision

When a decision is reached about your visa application, you must be outside of Australia. The Australian government will inform you of your visa grant number, the commencement date of your visa, and your visa situation.

The Cost of 476 Visa Australia

AUD 425 (source: will get you a 476 Visa for Australia. Each family member who applies with the primary applicant is subject to separate fees. Additional fees must be paid for things like biometrics, language ability, health checks, police certificates, etc.

Processing time for 476 Visa Australia

Currently, it takes 10-12 months to process a 467 Visa for Australia. Processing dates could alter if you submitted an incomplete application, have a complicated case, or if there are adjustments made to the number of applications received or ministerial directives.

Perks of 476 Visa Australia

The Skilled Recognized Graduate (476) visa offers several benefits to eligible applicants, including:

  • Attain Work Experience: With a 476 visa, fresh engineering graduates can work in Australia for up to 18 months. This could be a fantastic chance to advance your career, expand your network of contacts, and possibly improve your employment prospects.

  • Live and work in Australia: The 476 visa allows you to stay and work in Australia for up to 18 months, giving you the chance to enjoy the country and experience its culture.

  • Pathway to Permanent Residency: The 476 visa might also offer a route to Australian permanent residency. You might be able to apply for alternative skilled visas or routes to permanent residency in Australia if you gain the necessary work experience and meet other eligibility requirements.

  • Bring family members: The 476 visa also enables you to travel to Australia with eligible family members. While in Australia, they might be able to work and attend school.

  • There is no Points Test: Unlike other skilled visas, the 476 visa does not have a points test in order to qualify. This implies that you might be eligible to apply even if you lack a specified amount of work experience or meet other requirements.


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