The Employer Nomination Visa (subclass 186): Your Pathway to Working in Australia

The Employer Nomination Visa (subclass 186) is a type of visa that allows skilled workers who have been nominated by an Australian employer to live and work in Australia permanently. This visa is designed to fill skill shortages in the Australian workforce by allowing employers to sponsor skilled workers to come and work in Australia when they cannot find suitable Australian citizens or permanent residents to fill the position. The Employer Nomination Visa (subclass 186) also offers benefits such as access to healthcare and education, and the opportunity to apply for Australian citizenship after a certain period of time. They may also list their family members in the application. The Subclass 186 visa in Australia consists of three categories that potential immigration candidates can apply for, namely: Direct Entry Stream, Labor Agreement Stream, and Temporary Residence Transition Stream. It’s important to note that the Australia 65 points calculator does not apply to the Employer Nomination Scheme for this visa. The candidates must pass a skills exam and obtain a nomination from an authorized Australian employer. All three streams of the Subclass 186 visa allow skilled workers with a nomination from an Australian citizen to come and work in the country. Applicants must meet the health and character requirements specified by the government at the time of application.

Understanding the Benefits of the Subclass 186 Visa in Australia

To continue to live there indefinitely.

1- Unrestricted employment and education opportunities in Australia.

2- To travel to and from Australia, within five years of the visa's approval (The 5-year travel restriction only applies when re-entering Australia after its expiry. For returning after the restriction period, a Return Resident Visa or an appropriate visa is required. However, if you hold a Subclass 186 visa and are currently in Australia, you can stay for an indefinite period without any impact of this restriction).

3- To join Australia's Medicare, the country's national healthcare program.

4- To submit an application for Australian citizenship providing he fulfills the eligibility criteria.

5 To sponsor qualifying relatives for a variety of Australian Provisional and Permanent Visas.


Eligibility requirements for Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 Visa

  • Possess the expertise required for the position.
  • Be nominated by an Australian employer whose venture is currently operational. The candidate must apply for nomination within 6 months of DHA’s approval. Visa approval is contingent on the availability of the nominated position. The TRT stream requires sponsorship the employer for at least 3 years under Subclass 482 or 457.
  • Be less than 45 years of age except if exempt (in cases where the applicant has Subclass 444 or 461 visa, are a researcher or scientist).
  • Unless they are exempt, meet the standards for English language, credentials, and skills.
  • To adhere to our standards for character and well-being (health).
  • Not have any rejections or cancellations of the existing visa while residing in the country.
  • Repay any outstanding amount in the applicants’ name before submitting the visa application.
  • Sign the Values Statement signifying an agreement for the applicant to abide by Australian legal and governmental regulations.
  • Be registered, licensed, and a member of the organization to work in Australia.

Streams under the Subclass 186 visa

Appropriate Work Experience

Temporary Residence Transition Stream

The Subclass 186 visa's Temporary Residence Transition (TRT) Stream is designed for temporary residents who want to work for their employer permanently. To be eligible for this stream, the applicant must have worked for their employer for at least two years under Subclass 457 visa. The nominating employer must meet certain requirements, such as operating lawfully, fulfilling applicable training requirements, and having no adverse information. Additionally, the employer must nominate the same or a closely connected position as the one sanctioned under Subclass 457 visa, ensure the nominated position remains authentic, full-time for at least 2 years from the Visa approval date, and meets market salary conditions. The applicant must have also worked in the nominated or closely connected position for the nominating employer under Subclass 457 visa for at least 2 years before the application, meet the minimum Occupational English requirement, and satisfy the character and health requirements.


Direct Entry Stream

The Direct Entry Stream of this visa allows applicants who do not meet the requirements for the TRT Stream to be nominated by an employer for an Australian PR Visa. To be approved under this stream, the nominating employer must operate lawfully and actively, fulfill training requirements, have no adverse information, and offer a full-time position for at least 2 years. The nominated position must be on the Consolidated Skilled Occupations List and offer market salary conditions no less satisfactory than those offered to citizens and PR holders. The applicant must be under 45 years old, have minimum Occupational English, 3 years of relevant work experience, and meet character and health requirements. Additionally, they must undergo a successful skills assessment unless exempted.

Education Levely

Labor Agreement Stream

This stream is for candidates who are nominated by an employer who signs a labour contract that has been negotiated and approved by the Australian government. The applicants for this stream must meet the criteria for English proficiency, abilities, and age as laid out in the relevant agreement. Additionally, they need to meet the necessary character and health standards.

Steps for Applying for a Subclass 186 Employer Nomination Scheme Visa

Appropriate Work Experience

Step one requires you to verify if you meet both the general requirements of the Visa and the specific requirements of the sub-category you are applying for.


Step two involves asking your employer to lodge a nomination for you with the Department of Home Affairs before you can apply for the Visa. The nomination must be approved within 6 months of the application.

Education Levely

Step three is to arrange and submit several documents along with the application that demonstrate the claims you make. The list of required documents is available below as a checklist.

Proof of Funds Statement

Step four, you must submit your Visa application online and make sure all documents are ready. You need to pay the Visa application fee at this stage, which can be done through a credit card.

Education Levely

Step five involves waiting for a verdict from the Department of Home Affairs, which may take several months.

Proof of Funds Statement

Step six you can start or continue working in Australia, if your Visa application is approved, and are offered the Visa.

Checklist of Required Documents

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) may require the submission of the listed documents for accompanying family members who are also eligible for immigration to Australia. It is possible that not all of the documents listed below will be required, or the DHA may request additional documentation as proof:

1- Certificate of English language proficiency obtained within the last 3 years

2- Police certificates for demonstrating good character

3- Form 80 for assessing character

4- Statutory declaration for character

5- Skills assessment for occupation or registration evidence from industry body

6- Documents for exemption from skills assessment

7- Resume/CV

8- Identification proof, such as a National Identity Card, Birth Certificate, or Passport

9- Proof of name change, if applicable

10- Marriage certificate, if applicable

11- Signed Statement of Australian Values

12- Proof of good health from a healthcare provider

13- Documents for exemption from age requirements for applicants above 45 years

14- Documents for dependents/common-law partners, including character documents, ID proof, health assessment results, and English test results

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