Choose Canada for your business immigration

Quicker route to permanent residence

Strong economy

Canada has a stable and growing economy, with a high standard of living, low unemployment, and a favorable business climate. This makes it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and investors.

Work experience in Canada counts towards eligibility

Welcoming immigration policies

Canada is known for being a friendly, inclusive nation that respects diversity. Its immigration rules are made to entice brilliant people and their families, especially business owners and investors who can support the economy of the nation.

Access to Canadian social services and benefits

Supportive business environment

Canada offers an accommodating business environment, with access to resources, funding, and a skilled workforce. The country has a well-built infrastructure and a strong network of business organizations, incubators, and accelerators to help entrepreneurs and investors succeed.

Proof of Funds Statement

High quality of life

Canada is known for its high quality of life, with outstanding healthcare, education, and social services. It also has a diverse and lively culture, beautiful natural scenery, and provides for a safe and peaceful environment.

Types of Canada Business Visas

Overseas Worker Stream

Start-up Visa

This program is designed for entrepreneurs who have a business idea that is innovative, can create jobs in Canada, and has the potential to compete globally. You must fulfill the following criteria in order to be qualified for a Canada Start-up visa: a qualifying business; language proficiency at least at level 5 of the Canadian Language Benchmark and proof of sufficient cash must be shown, along with a letter of support from a designated entity.

International Student Stream

Business Visitor Visa

A business visitor visa allows you to enter Canada for any type of international business transaction, meetings or ceremonies or to simply visit while looking to grow your firm. If you are moving to Canada on a business guest visa, you won't need a work permit. The maximum period of use for this visa is six months. You must show that you don't want to stay for more than six months and that you don't intend to hunt for a new job in the county. You must also present proof that you have the necessary requirements for entry into Canada, such as valid travel documents and financial documentation.

In-Demand Skills Stream

Self-employed Persons Program

This program is for individuals who have experience in cultural or athletic activities, and can make a significant contribution to the cultural or athletic life of Canada. Applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements and score sufficient points, that is, 35 out of 100 points based on their education (25 points maximum, experience (35 points maximum), Age (Maximum 10 points), Language Skills - English or French (Maximum 24 points) and adaptability (6 point maximum)

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