Guide to Australia's 65 Points Calculator

Australia has strategically designed its immigration programs to select only highly qualified applicants who can significantly contribute to the country's economy. Specific parameters have been created to ensure that only chosen profiles receive an invitation to progress in their PR process for immigration to Australia. One of these mechanisms is the Australian points calculator, which assigns points to candidates based on various factors to determine their potential. This tool assists aspiring immigrants in estimating their potential to fulfill the requirements for Australian PR. Candidates who score at least 65 points become eligible to apply through Skill Select, the Australian government portal that determines immigration candidates' eligibility. Australia's Skilled Immigration Program employs a point-based system called Skill Select, which is also known as the Australia PR points calculator. This system aims to attract highly skilled and qualified candidates who want to live and work in Australia. It has been specifically designed to select only applicants who possess the necessary skills and experience to address labor market shortages. There are many different categories available for skilled immigration visas, and each one has a minimum point requirement that must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for an Australia permanent residency visa. The point's calculator is frequently used for the following Australia Visa categories:

The modifications in the Australia Points System

  • Candidates can now receive 10 points if they hold a Research/Master's or Doctorate Degree from an Australian educational institution. Before, it was 5 points.
  • You receive 10 points if your spouse is considered to have proficient language abilities and a positive assessment of their skill set in relation to their work. Before, there were 5 points.
  • You receive an additional 5 points if your partner or spouse is a competent language speaker.
  • Singles can now receive 10 additional points, whereas previously they received none.
  • If your partner holds Australian citizenship or PR, you can also receive 10 extra points, which was not the case before.

Maximizing Your Points with the Australia Immigration Points Calculator

Maximum Points Category
30 points Age (25 to 33 years)
20 points English ability ( eight bands)
15 points Work Experience out of Australia (eight to ten years)
20 points Work Experience within Australia (eight to ten years)
5 points Niche skills like a Master's or Doctorate in Australia
5 points Study in a regional zone
5 points Recognized in community language
5 points Professional year in Australia in a skilled program

Work experience

Skilled employment outside Australia

If you have skilled work experience outside of Australia, you can earn 15 points if you have between 8 to 10 years of experience, calculated in reverse from the date of your PR visa application. The number of points allocated decreases as the number of years of experience decreases.

Points Skilled employment outside Australia
0 Less than 3 years
5 3-4 years
10 5-7 years
15 8-10 years

Skilled employment in Australia

Having skilled work experience in Australia for 8 to 10 years, calculated in reverse from the date of your PR visa application, will earn you 20 points.

Points Skilled employment outside Australia
0 Less than 1 years
5 1-2 years
10 3-4 years
15 5-7 years
20 8-10 years


A doctorate from an Australian or international university that has been approved by the Australian government is worth the most points.

Points Qualifications
20 Doctorate obtained from a University in Australia or a University abroad
15 A Bachelor or Master's degree obtained from a University in Australia or a University abroad
10 Trade or Diploma qualification obtained in Australia
10 Any award or qualification accepted by the appropriate assessing authority for your designated skilled occupation
5 Niche skills such as Master's or Doctorate in Australia

Spouse application

If your spouse is listed as an applicant for the Australia PR Visa, you can earn bonus points.

Points Spouse Qualifications
10 Spouse has a PR Visa or is an Australian citizen
10 Spouse's Skill Assessment is Positive and has proficient English
5 Spouse only has proficient English

Other qualifications

Points Criteria
5 Points Study in a regional area
5 Points Endorsed in community language
5 Points Professional year in Australia in a skilled program

Crucial Requirements for Australian Permanent Residency Application

Essential Documentation

The employment records

Educational credentials certificates

Educational credentials certificates

Skill evaluation report

Skill evaluation report

IELTS score for the English language competency test

IELTS score for the English language competency test

Category of immigration

Category of immigration

You can obtain an Australia PR Visa through a variety of immigration methods. For Subclasses 189, 190, and 491 Australia Visas particularly, the points-based system is applicable. The immigration category that best fits your profile and unique circumstances must be chosen.

Step 2: Gather Your Documents

Skill Nomination for Australian Immigration

Your skill sets need to be listed on the SOL - Skilled Occupation List that the DIBP provides. Candidates requesting a PR visa through the skilled or business immigration category must nominate their skills.

Expression of Interest (EOI)

Expression of Interest (EOI)

To live and work in Australia, you must fill out an EOI through the online resource Skill Select. Once more, this applies to skilled or business immigration categories. Please be aware that an EOI is not a visa application for Australia. The Australian immigration authorities will examine it first. The Australian government, a state, or an employer will then offer to nominate you to submit your visa application to the appropriate immigration authority.

Medical certificates for Immigration to Australia

Medical certificates for Immigration to Australia

As an applicant for an Australian visa, you must provide certificates confirming your medical fitness and good health through a health check-up.

Character Assessment for Australian Visa Application

Character Assessment for Australian Visa Application

Character verification is a crucial requirement for the Australia PR Visa application.

National Security

National Security

Your application will undergo a character assessment to determine any potential risks to Australia's national security. While the minimum qualifying score for all General Skilled Immigration Visas is 65 points, meeting this score does not guarantee an Invitation to Apply (ITA) due to the high volume of applications and competitive nature of these visas. The scores required for an ITA vary depending on factors such as the current occupation ceiling, the number of candidates for the nominated occupation, and the time of the year.

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