Opportunity Card Germany: Your Ticket to Success

Streamlined Entry to Germany: Accessible pathway for non-EU candidates to explore job opportunities in Germany without requiring a permanent employment contract.

Guaranteed Livelihood: Ensures financial stability throughout the stay in Germany, allowing candidates to focus on securing suitable employment.

Potential for Permanent Settlement: Opportunity for permanent residency in Germany, offering a long-term prospect for building a life and career.

Immediate Work Authorization: Upon successful application, candidates gain immediate authorization to work in Germany, facilitating a smooth transition into the workforce.

Navigating Work Opportunities with the Opportunity Card


Simplified Job Search

Eliminates the need for extensive recognition procedures, enabling quicker integration into the German job market.

English language proficiency

Eligibility Criteria

Requires either two years of vocational training or a university degree, accompanied by proficiency in either German (A1) or English (B2).


Trial Employment

Grants holders the flexibility to engage in a two-week trial job or part-time employment (up to 20 hours per week) to explore career options.

Work experience

Duration of Stay

Allows a one-year stay initially, extendable for up to two additional years upon application to the local Foreigners’ Registration Office.

Qualifications for the Opportunity Card

  • Points-Based AssessmentUtilizes a points system to evaluate eligibility, with a minimum requirement of six points for securing the Opportunity Card.
  • Essential CriteriaMandates language proficiency (German A1 or English B2), vocational training or a recognized university degree, and financial stability, demonstrated through employment contracts or other means.
  • Additional Criteria Points awarded for factors like professional experience, language skills, age, and previous connections to Germany.
  • Points Allocation Overview Four points for partial recognition of foreign qualifications or permission to practice regulated professions. Three points for professional experience or higher language proficiency. Two points for specific professional backgrounds or language skills.

Advantages for Non-EU Applicants: Unlocking Opportunities in Germany

  • Swift Access to Germany : Eliminates the need for a permanent employment contract, streamlining the entry process for non-EU applicants.
  • Path to Permanent Residence: Offers the potential for long-term settlement in Germany, providing a stable foundation for building a future.
  • Financial Security: Ensures a reliable income source, enabling applicants to sustain themselves while pursuing employment opportunities.
  • Assured Work Authorization: Grants immediate permission to work in Germany upon successful application, facilitating a smooth transition into the job market.
  • Opportunity for Full-Time Employment: Opens doors to both part-time and full-time job prospects, maximizing employment possibilities.
Points test

Basic Requirements for Eligibility

    Facilitating Employment Search
  • Completion of at least two years of vocational training or a university degree.
  • Basic proficiency in either German (A1) or English (B2).
  • Financial self-sufficiency during their stay in Germany.
    Potential for Permanent Residence
  • Allows extension of stay upon securing employment, with the possibility to transition to full- time roles.
  • Enables application for longer-term residence titles based on future job offers or employment contracts.
    Ensuring Financial Stability
  • Enables part-time employment with earnings above the minimum wage, supporting a comfortable lifestyle.
  • Offers the prospect of increased income with transition to full-time employment, depending on qualifications and sector.
    Streamlined Application Process
  • Replaces the need for a visa with the Opportunity Card, easing entry for non-EU workers seeking employment in Germany.
  • Requires proof of financial stability and basic language proficiency as prerequisites for application.
Points test

Key Advantages of the Opportunity Card

  • Offers a simplified pathway to enter Germany, bypassing complex examination procedures.
  • Grants a 12-month stay to explore job opportunities, including part-time roles and trial jobs.
  • Provides flexibility to engage with potential employers and secure suitable employment matching qualifications.
Points test


The Opportunity Card provides a convenient pathway for non-EU applicants to enter Germany and pursue employment opportunities. With a focus on job search, the initial 12-month stay can pave the way for longer-term settlement. Successful applicants can extend their stay by demonstrating employment prospects and meeting necessary documentation requirements. To apply, candidates can approach the competent authorities either in their home country or within Germany, ensuring a smooth transition into the German job market.

Advantages for Employers: Addressing the Skilled Labor Shortage

  • Expanded Applicant Pool : Access to a wider range of qualified candidates from non-EU countries, enriching the talent pool and mitigating the impact of skilled labor shortages.
  • Simplified Entry Conditions : Streamlined entry process for prospective workers, reducing bureaucratic barriers and facilitating a smoother transition into the German job market.
  • Efficient Approval Procedure : Elimination of cumbersome approval processes, enabling quicker integration of foreign workers into the workforce.
  • Accelerated Job Start : Fast-track entry into employment opportunities, allowing employers to fill vacancies promptly and efficiently.
  • Inclusion of Low-Skilled Jobs : Provision for basic or part-time employment, providing flexibility for both employers and workers to engage in various job arrangements.
Points test

Basic Requirements for the Opportunity Card

  • Allowing qualified non-EU citizens without a permanent contract to enter Germany for job hunting based on a points system.
  • Permitting part-time work and trial jobs.
  • Requiring proof of at least two years of vocational training or a university degree, along with language proficiency and financial stability.

Key Advantages of the Opportunity Card

Larger Applicant Pool
  • Offers access to a diverse pool of applicants, expanding recruitment possibilities for employers.
  • Grants a 12-month residence permit, enhancing the prospects of permanent residence for candidates engaged in trial or part-time work.
Simple Entry Conditions
  • Facilitates entry for workers through a straightforward application process, either locally or at German missions abroad.
  • Provides immediate Opportunity Card issuance for skilled workers with recognized qualifications.
Points test
Simplified Approval Procedure
  • Eliminates the need for external approval by the Federal Employment Agency, expediting the application process.
  • Grants a 12-month residence permit upon meeting all requirements, enabling swift commencement of job search activities.
  • Grants a 12-month residence permit upon meeting all requirements, enabling swift commencement of job search activities.
Fast-track Entry into the Workplace
  • Ensures a rapid integration into the German labor market, fostering a conducive environment for employment.
  • Enables smooth transition to another residence title upon securing employment, offering long- term prospects for both employers and workers.
Points test
Contracting for Basic Work
  • Allows for flexible arrangements, including part-time employment of up to 20 hours per week, catering to various job preferences.  Provides security through pre-entry contract agreements, ensuring clarity and stability for both parties.
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