Foreign Qualification Recognition in Germany: Your Path to Validation

If you possess an evaluation notice from a competent authority in Germany and seek recognition for your professional qualification, here are the key prerequisites:

1. Possession of an assessment note (“Defizitbescheid”, “Zwischenbescheid”) issued by a competent authority in Germany.

2. Identification of a suitable qualification program within Germany.

3. Proficiency in the German language at level A2 CEFR.

Visa for Recognizing Foreign Qualifications

If your qualifications aren't entirely recognized, a recognition visa enables you to journey to Germany for necessary steps towards achieving full recognition. Should your professional qualification recognition application be declined by the competent authority in Germany, you can engage in qualification measures within the country to acquire lacking theoretical and/or practical skills. Examples include in- company training, specialized courses, preparatory programs, and job-related German language courses. Participation in such measures necessitates a residence title for foreign professional qualification recognition purposes (Section 16d para. (1) of the Residence Act [AufenthG]).

Requirements for a Visa for Recognizing Foreign Professional Qualifications

  • Proof of partial recognition: Confirmation of application for recognition indicating partial equivalence, with an acknowledgment of lacking theoretical and/or practical skills.
  • Registration confirmation for a qualification measure: Successful enrollment in a relevant qualification program. For on-the-job training, a professional development plan by the employing company outlining necessary measures and salary details is essential, requiring approval from the Federal Employment Agency (BA).
  • German language proficiency proof: Demonstrating proficiency, usually at level A2 of CEFR, though higher levels may be necessary for certain programs.
  • Ability to sustain living expenses: Demonstrating financial capacity for living expenses during the stay, typically through a blocked bank account or a declaration of commitment.
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Opportunities with a Visa for Recognizing Foreign Professional Qualifications:

Upon arrival in Germany, a residence permit of up to 24 months is usually granted for foreign professional qualification recognition or post-qualification training, extendable for 12 months if needed. Limited part-time work (up to 20 hours/week) is allowed alongside qualification measures, with full-time

English language proficiency

Options after Completing the Qualification Measure:

Upon successful completion and full recognition, a 12-month stay extension is granted to find qualified employment. Alternatively, one can apply for various residence permits based on job offers, degree programs, or vocational training.


Special Case: Visa for Skills Analysis Implementation:

If recognition procedures are hindered, a visa for skills analysis allows assessment of practical skills. Conditions include a skills analysis requirement, acceptance into a German analysis program, financial sustenance proof, and appropriate German language proficiency. This visa lasts a maximum of six months, extendable if compensation measures are necessary before qualification equivalence.

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