British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

British Columbia is a province located on the westernmost part of Canada. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west, Alberta to the east, and the US states of Alaska, Washington, Idaho, and Montana to the north and south. It has a long history of immigration and is known for its multicultural society. People from all over the world choose British Columbia as their destination for various reasons, including economic opportunities, education, and a high quality of life.

Getting to Know the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

Administered by the Government of British Columbia's Immigration Programs Branch, the BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) is an immigration program aimed at facilitating the nomination of individuals for permanent residency in the province. It serves as a pathway for the province to choose and endorse foreign workers, international students, and entrepreneurs who can contribute to meeting B.C.'s labor market requirements, align with government objectives, and foster economic growth in the region. Upon receiving a nomination, you and your family have the opportunity to apply for Canadian permanent residency through IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada).

Appropriate Work Experience

B.C. Immigration Streams

For individuals aspiring to immigrate to British Columbia, there are three distinct pathways available to consider:

1-Skills Immigration Stream

2-Express Entry British Columbia Stream

3-Entrepreneur Immigration

Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC are designed for graduates, workers, and healthcare professionals. These streams may require a job offer or current employment, with some exceptions for international post-graduates. Express Entry BC is aligned with the federal Express Entry system and provides an opportunity to gain 600 extra Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points, increasing the chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency. The Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) manages some BC PNP streams, utilizing an Expression of Interest (EOI) and Invitation to Apply (ITA) process. Candidates are scored out of 200, and periodic draws are conducted to invite candidates who meet the cutoff threshold for their stream. While some BC PNP streams require a job offer from a BC employer, there are also streams that do not have this requirement. These steams also have sub-categories based on factors such as international student status, employment, or skill level. Periodic draws are held to invite candidates to apply for provincial nomination through the BC PNP.


Skills Immigration Stream

The BC PNP Skills Immigration program offers different categories for immigrants:

Skilled Worker Category: Requires a job offer in a skilled occupation.

Healthcare Professional Category: Requires experience and a job offer in qualifying healthcare professions.

International Graduate Category: For recent graduates from Canadian institutions with a job offer.

International Post-Graduate Category: For graduates with advanced degrees from eligible BC institutions, no job offer required.

Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker Category: For workers in specific industries or in the Northeast Development Region of BC.To initiate the process, you are required to first complete the registration process with the Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS). This allows British Columbia (B.C.) to assess your job, education, location within B.C., language proficiency, and wage in relation to the provincial labor market demands. You can register by providing all the necessary information through BCPNP Online. Please note that candidates applying under the International Post-Graduate Category and Healthcare Professional Category are exempted from registering with the SIRS. They can directly apply through BCPNP Online. Once registered, your profile will be assigned a registration score based on various factors. You will be placed in a selection pool specific to your chosen category.

Express Entry British Columbia Stream

  • Skilled Worker Category
  • Health Care Professional Category
  • International Graduate Category
  • International Post-Graduate Category
  • In order to be considered eligible, applicants must fulfill the following minimum requirements:

  • Have a valid profile within the federal Express Entry system.
  • Possess a Job Seeker Validation Code from the Express Entry system.
  • Accept a full-time job offer (excluding the International Post-Graduate Category).
  • Receive a wage offer in accordance with B.C. wage rates (excluding the International Post- Graduate Category).
  • Possess a minimum of two years of relevant work experience directly related to the offered job.
  • Demonstrate the ability to support yourself and your family (excluding the International Post- Graduate Category).
  • Meet the minimum language requirements (excluding the International Post-Graduate Category).
  • Fulfill additional requirements specific to your chosen category.

BC PNP Tech Pilot Program

The British Columbia Tech Pilot program targets international individuals working in the in-demand technology occupations of the province. It is closely connected to the Skills Immigration stream of British Columbia. Prospective applicants are therefore advised to explore the various sub-categories available within the Skills Immigration pathway. The Tech Pilot program provides qualified foreign nationals with expedited processing and additional resources for their applications, facilitating a smoother immigration process.

Understanding the Point Calculation Process for BC PNP

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) assigns a designated quota of immigrants to each of the 10 provinces in the country. It is the responsibility of each province to ensure that they do not exceed their allocated limit for immigration intake. British Columbia has implemented a structured selection system called the Skilled Immigration Registration System (SIRS) to choose highly qualified and deserving candidates. The SIRS point system in BC PNP considers personal credentials, known as Human Capital Factors, such as education, language proficiency, and work experience. Economic Factors, including wage and skill level, are also considered. Meeting these requirements is necessary for Provincial Nomination. If you meet all the criteria, BC immigration may offer you a nomination, giving you an additional 600 CRS points and increasing your chances in the federal Express Entry draw. You can also apply directly to BC PNP when their allocation opens.

Scoring Sections Maximum Points
Economic Factors (120) Employments Regional District 10
Human Capital Factors (80) Language Highest Education Level Work Experience Directly Related Total Available Points

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