Germany Tourist Visa from Pakistan in 2023

Attractions like the Old Town Hall in Bamberg, Schwerin Castle, Nuremberg Christmas Market, Oktoberfest, Cologne Cathedral, and numerous other captivating destinations and events in Germany have been a major draw for travelers worldwide. In 2017 alone, these attractions, along with the diverse range of beers, delectable bread and sausages, warm hospitality, and more, enticed a staggering 459.6 million visitors to the Federal Republic of Germany. Although Germany has entered into visa facilitation arrangements with over 60 countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, UK, Japan, etc., many travelers planning to visit Germany are required to obtain a visa before their arrival. This is true even for short tourist trips, and the visa is commonly referred to as the German Schengen Visa.

German Schengen Visa

The Schengen Visa grants the holder permission to visit Germany and all other 27 member countries within the Schengen Area for a specified duration (maximum of 90 days). If you plan to visit Germany for less than three months, whether it be to visit family or friends or for sightseeing purposes, it is necessary to apply for a Schengen visa. If you obtain a Schengen visa for tourism or visiting friends and family, you will be restricted to travelling and sightseeing only within the Schengen area. It is important to keep in mind that, as a holder of a Schengen tourist visa, you are not permitted to engage in work or study. Therefore, if you intend to enter Germany for purposes other than tourism, you must apply for a national visa, such as a student visa or work visa, or another visa category appropriate for your specific entry purpose.

Germany Tourist/Visitor Visa Application Process

Gather the necessary document (detail listed below)

Gather the necessary document (detail listed below).

Determine the appropriate application

Determine the appropriate application

Arrange an interview appointment

Arrange an interview appointment

Submit the visa fee payment.

Submit the visa fee payment

Attend the scheduled interview

Attend the scheduled interview

Await the decision outcome

Await the decision outcome

Essential Documents

  • • Completed application form in English or German. The form should be filled out accurately, honestly, and completely, then printed and signed at the end.
  • • Declaration of Accuracy of Information.
  • • 2 latest passport-sized photographs that meet the photo requirements of the Schengen states.
  • • Valid national passport that is no more than 10 years old and has at least one blank page for the visa sticker, along with fulfilling other passport requirements.
  • • Personal bank statements from the past three months.
  • • Schengen Travel Insurance. A confirmation letter from your health insurance provider stating coverage for emergency medical treatment with a minimum of €30,000. We recommend PROVISIT VISUM by DR-WALTER, a cost-effective option widely accepted by German consulates worldwide. It can be canceled free of charge with proof of visa refusal.
  • • Proof of accommodation, such as a hotel booking for your entire stay in the Schengen region or an invitation letter from a family member or friend residing in a Schengen country.
  • • Proof of flight reservation. You can use visa consultation services or find one online.
  • • Proof of financial means, which can be demonstrated through a bank statement from the past three months or a sponsorship letter from another individual (Declaration of Commitment "Verpflichtungserklärungen").
  • • Leave letter from your employer (if employed) or a no-objection certificate.
  • • If you are a student, a certificate issued by your school or university. If you are employed, a letter from your employer or company. If you are neither a student nor employed, this certificate is not required.
  • • A personal cover letter explaining the purpose of your visit to Germany, the duration of your stay, and your planned activities, among other details.
  • • Invitation letter from the person you will be visiting in Germany, which can be in the form of sponsorship or private accommodation. The letter should include the host's address, duration of stay, and contact details.
  • • Proof of civil status, such as a marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, spouse's death certificate, ration card (if applicable), etc.
  • • Your driver's license and/or utility bill in your name as proof of residence in the consulate where you plan to apply for the visa.
  • • For minors traveling without both parents, a consent letter signed by both parents and the completed form signed by both parents.
  • • Copies of the passports' data page of the parent(s).

Ontario's Business Immigration Program

There are three categories under the Business Immigration Program:

How long does it take to process a Germany Tourist Visa?
How long does it take to process a Germany Tourist Visa?

The processing times for the Germany Tourist Visa can vary significantly depending on the application center and the current volume of applications. Generally, the average waiting period for a Schengen/Tourist Visa worldwide is around two weeks. However, it is important to note that this timeframe may not always apply, and it is recommended to submit the application as early as possible. In certain situations, the processing times for the Germany Tourist Visa can be extended, taking up to 30 days or even up to 60 days.

Visa Validity and Duration of Stay in Germany with a Schengen Visa
Visa Validity and Duration of Stay in Germany with a Schengen Visa

The maximum duration allowed for staying in Germany with a tourist Schengen visa is three months,. However, it is important to note that the German embassy in your home country determines the specific number of days and the permitted dates for your stay in Germany. It is crucial to understand the distinction between visa validity and duration of stay. Visa validity refers to the first and last dates you can enter and leave the Schengen Area; while the duration of stay refers to the actual number of days you can spend in the Schengen Area within the visa's validity period. It is essential to adhere to both the validity of your visa and the duration of your stay to avoid potential bans or deportation.

Germany Tourist Visa from Pakistan

  • Completed Schengen visa application form.
  • Original and copy of the Pakistani passport.
  • Two recent identity photographs (taken within the last six months).
  • Civil status certificate (e.g., birth, marriage, family, or death certificate).
  • Travel health insurance certificate, providing coverage of at least EUR 30,000 or PKR 9,409,634.
  • Proof of payment of the visa fee.
  • Cover letter explaining the purpose of your visit, itinerary, and intended length of stay.
  • Copies of any previous Schengen visas (if applicable).
  • A birth certificate, as well as parental approval for minors.
  • Proof of financial means, including bank statements, employment contract, business license, etc.

Visa application fee

  • • Adults: EUR 80 (equivalent to approximately PKR 15,800)
  • • Children aged 6-12: EUR 60 (equivalent to approximately PKR 11,850)
  • • Children under 6: No charges apply
  • • Holders of diplomatic and service passports: No charges apply
  • • Pakistani students (including pupils, graduates, postgraduates) and their children traveling for educational training and study purposes: No charges apply
  • • Representatives of non-profit organizations under 25 years of age participating
  • • Pakistani researchers traveling for scientific research purposes: No charges apply

Lahore Office

Main Boulevard Gulberg, Main Market, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Faisalabad Office

Burhan Center, 97-99, Gulistan Market Railway Road, Faislabad, Pakistan

UK Office

Associate Office (London)

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