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Anyone planning a trip to Canada for leisure, business, or to visit family and friends should apply for a Canada Visitor Visa or a TVR (Temporary Resident Visa). A Canada Visitor Visa is a legal document that the Canadian Visa Office issues to you as evidence that you have complied with all requirements set forth by the Canadian visa authority in order to be admitted to Canada as a temporary resident. Visahotspot is a reputable firm of immigration lawyers and consultants in Lahore & Faisalabad with a competitive advantage in the industry due to their high level of professionalism and track record of providing trustworthy counsel to important customers.

Our skilled lawyers in Lahore are renowned for taking on challenging Canada Visa issues that others avoid. Instead of relying on advisors with incomplete expertise that could lead to the refusal of your visa application, it is advised to engage a professional immigration lawyer for Canada Visitor Visa. To acquire a temporary resident visa or a visitor visa to Canada from Pakistan, you must adhere to the country's immigration laws and regulations, just like in any other country.

Requirements of Canadian Visit Visa

The applicant must show the visa officer proof that he/ she will leave Canada before or on the expiry date of Canada Visa. The candidate must show proof of sufficient finances for living expenses, maintenance, and repatriation to Pakistan. The applicant must offer convincing evidence that they do not intend to work in Canada throughout the validity of their Canada tourist visa. The candidate must provide proof that they are a law-abiding Pakistani citizen. The applicant must show they pose no threat to Canada's security. When applying for a visitor visa to Canada from Pakistan, the applicant should be in excellent health. Those who seek for a Canadian visitor visa from Pakistan must provide biometric information.

With the Main Applicant, who else can apply for a visit visa to Canada?

With the Main Applicant, who else can apply for a visit visa to Canada?

Spouse & Dependent Children under the age of 22 who are not married Dependent Children of Children older than 22 who have depended on their parents for financial support since before turning 22 or who have any type of physical or mental impairment. Dependent offspring of a dependent (It refers to children of dependent children). Parents or grandparents can apply for a Super Visa or a Long-Term Temporary Resident Visa, which allows the holder to stay in Canada for two years, if they want to visit their children or grandchildren who live there.

What are the Requirements for Super Visa or Long-term Canada Visitor Visa from Pakistan?

What are the Requirements for Super Visa or Long-term Canada Visitor Visa from Pakistan?

The applicant for a business visitor visa to Canada must demonstrate that they have close ties to Pakistan. The applicant for a Canadian business visit visa must provide the visa officer proof that they won't be staying in Canada for more than six months. The applicant for a Canada visitor visa application (Business) must show proof that they have no intention of working in Canada. The applicant for a Canadian Visitor Business Visa must show proof of their primary location of business, their source of income, and their profits from sources outside of Canada. The applicant for a Canadian business visit visa must submit the full set of required documentation. A valid passport is required for those who apply for a Canada business visit visa. The Canadian business visitor visa applicant must show proof of sufficient cash for support and return. Canadian applicant Visit Business Visa should be able to demonstrate that they pose no threat to Canadians' safety or health.

Canada Visitor Visa fees

Canada Visitor Visa fees

To prevent any processing delays, it is suggested to pay both the biometric fee and the application fee for a Canadian visitor visa at the same time. The cost of a visitor visa to Canada is CAD 100 per individual and CAD 500 for families of five or more. To avoid incurring an additional cost, family members must apply at the same time and in the same location.

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